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At KDH-Homes.com, we build more than just houses. We believe that good design can create a greater sense of community, and foster a sense of pride in the neighborhood. Our designs focus on the front of the house enhancing street appeal, and creating a more welcoming approach. It draws you to the front of the house where you connect with your neighbors and greet family and friends.

Inside, our floor plans are laid out to accommodate contemporary living, with a flow that is conducive to entertaining. Along the street, our subdivisions are laid out to reflect the timeless values that our house exteriors evoke. We use mature trees as well as new ones to give a sense of establishment.


At KDH-Homes.com, we recognize that how we build is as important as what we build. Our responsibility is to minimize our environmental impact, and create a product that promotes healthy living, and a healthy community.We mandate strict construction practices to improve energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and environmental responsibility.

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